Handcrafted Mah Jongg Racks, Tiles, & Accessories

Buffalo Horn & Mother-of-Pearl American Mah Jongg Set Complete and Ready to Ship!

164 stunning tiles ready for American Mah Jongg Play. Created in our Chico, CA shop, each tile is individually crafted from genuine black water buffalo horn with carved, inlaid Mother-of-Pearl tile faces that we've hand-painted.

Included are: 36 Dots, 36 Craks, 36 Bams, 16 Winds, 12 Dragons, 8 Flowers, 8 Jokers, 8 Blanks plus, 4 alternate 1 Bams (Peacocks) so you have options. Why choose between our signature sprout bam or a more traditional bird? Now, you’ll have both.

Also included are 4 YEN (You’re East Next) Mah Jongg Racks made from solid Cherry with an iridescent Champagne finish, a gorgeous Galaxy Peacock tote ensemble created by the talented Em Chisholm of The Pickled Poet with 4 rack sleeves, 2 lined tile trays & sleeves (with secure magnetic closures), and 2 accessory bags. We've also included 1 Pair of green, vintage Bakelite/Catalan dice

The price for this set is $9,450 plus insured shipping from California. If you already have a tote and racks, the tiles themselves are $8,500.

We gain efficiencies with every set we make. Still, every tile we make is individually crafted by hand so we will never be a production house. Make one, make it right, ship it out, begin the next.

New Release

No bells, no whistles, just good-quality racks.  Like our other designs, these racks are made in the U.S.A., finished in ultra-durable finish, supported by our unmatched guarantee, and can be traded up at the original purchase price at any time.

Unlike our other designs, these racks are made from two pieces of wood, are not made to order, and are not serialized Collector's Editions.  They're just racks.

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