Mah Jongg Racks

All Christine Whitman Design Mah Jongg racks are handmade in the U.S.A. from a global variety of select hardwoods.  Save for fasteners, all of our hardware is made by us, cut from solid metal.  Most of the racks we make are bespoke but some sets find their way into our store for your consideration.  Everything we make is backed by our unmatched guarantee and all of our racks include full-value trade-up allowance. The features of every rack are driven by you, the Player, and are molded around your tiles.  We make standard racks for standard tiles, small racks for small tiles, chunky racks for, you get the idea.  We even make racks for those with automatic tables. For bespoke orders, we recommend a design to accommodate your largest tiles.  After size, your next decision is style; which Edition is right for you?  You’ll need to choose one or more wood species and a finish; natural, tinted, stained, or painted.  You can add inlays, dedication plaques, or other adornments.  If you have the time, take a tour of our gallery and find inspiration from what others have made before.  Keep in mind, everything is possible.

Winnings Edition


Our second-ever design, the Winnings Edition, is made to accommodate American money for American Mah Jongg.  Makes sense, right?  The standard rack holds quarters, dimes, and nickels and we have made a set to hold half-dollars as well.

Ashland Edition


A Player requested a set of Winnings Edition racks “without the coin thingy” and our most popular design, the Ashland Edition, was born.  Not only is this design popular in a standard size, it is the most-modified design for both larger and smaller tiles. 

Korat Edition


A Korat is a blue Siamese cat traditionally given in pairs to bring good luck.  Korat racks, sold in pairs, are designed for Siamese Mah Jongg play.  These racks are extra-long as we like to keep three or four ‘active’ hands organized at the start of each game.  These racks are extra wide to reduce the height without compromising visibility.  As with all other designs, Korats can be made larger or smaller to meet your exact needs.

YEN Edition


YEN, or ‘You’re East Next,’ Edition is another Player-inspired rack that has become very popular.  While solid-wood examples are quite stunning, many Players like to add stripes in their dice cups.  Please note:  the standard-size YEN does not fit in a trumpet case; it is 19 9/16” long with the pusher detached.