About Us

Founded in 2016 and now located near Denver, CO, Christine Whitman Designs strives to provide unmatched quality in everything we make.  Most of our materials are all-natural and each piece we produce presents individuality just not found in mass-produced commodities.  We don't make a set of 152 tiles so much as we make 152 individual tiles who work together.  If you have time to visit our Gallery, notice the different grain structures in each piece of wood, the color variations throughout each piece of horn, and the changing luminessence in every piece of Mother-of-Pearl.


 June – Our first racks, the Limited Edition

August – The Winnings Edition is introduced

September – The folding Saxxon Edition debuts

December – We complete the first Sullivan Edition racks


 February – The Ashland Edition is born

April – The first Options Edition is completed

June – We start making reproduction tiles for vintage sets

August – The Korat Edition is finalized


 March – Replicating carvings in bakelite



May – Our first pendant is finished

June – The YEN Edition is released


March- Three-layer tile comes to life

April – A Samba rack is completed

August – The Five-layer tile is in production


 February – After five short years, the first full Mah Jongg set is ready for delivery